Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s daughter’s Name

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s daughter’s name has finally revealed, their baby girl’s name is –  “Raha”

Alia and Ranbir married this year and they have now welcomed a baby girl on the 6th of November. The couple chose to keep their daughter away from media coverage since then. Yesterday, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s daughter’s name was revealed. Alia explained the meaning of the name ” Raha” in different languages in her Instagram post.

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor's daughter's Name
Instagram @aliaabhatt

Ranbir is the one who chose the name Raha for their baby girl and they also shared a sneak peek of their daughter’s room in the post. The picture shows a baby Barcelona Football Club jersey framed on the wall with the name ‘Raha’ printed on it.

We all know Ranbir loves to play football this jersey is a way to say Raha is just like her father.

Here’s wishing the couple congrats on naming their firstborn daughter, while we wait for more information from them.

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