Analysis of the Gujarat and Himachal election results shows that Congress won in Himachal but lost to the BJP in Gujarat.

Analysis of the Gujarat and Himachal election results: The AAP story is important because it has reduced the Congress’ vote share in Gujarat to below 30%. Despite the fact that it trails behind the BJP and the Congress.

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Analysis of the Gujarat and Himachal election results: In Himachal Pradesh, the Congress party is expected to retake power and unseat the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). The victory is crucial for the party, Jairam Thakur, the chief minister, acknowledged the party’s loss. The Jai Ram Thakur government’s alleged poor leadership is one of the factors contributing to the BJP’s defeat. Despite the fact that Thakur was seen as a moral politician, there is a growing belief that the state lacked efficient leadership. The New Pension Scheme’s backlash also cost the BJP a lot of money.

The AAP party is experiencing a disastrous result in Gujarat, where the BJP is ready to form the government once more. After winning a record-breaking 157 seats in the Assembly’s 182 members. The popular Prime Minister Narendra Modi is helping the party. The AAP has succeeded in establishing a presence in the state by winning enough support to become a major party at the federal level. The AAP story is important because it has caused the Congress’ vote share to drop below 30% for the first time.

BJP and Congress in Gujarat, Himachal

We sift through the clutter to present you with an immediate analysis of the election outcomes.

Analysis of the Gujarat and Himachal election results:

So, the counting of the votes is still in process. However, this is clear that APP is out of the race in both states.


Since 1985, no party has ever won two consecutive Assembly elections. The power has always shifted between the BJP and Congress parties. However, on Thursday, if the BJP is able to hold on, Jai Ram Thakur will make history.


The BJP is surely making history today. As of now. the party is showing its best-ever performance in the state. They are very close to reaching or even can say even cross their predicted range by the exit polls.

Gujarat and Himachal election results

Winners: So the wait is over as the results are out, BJP will rule in Gujarat and Congress in Himachal Pradesh.

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