Facts You Should Know About Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Facts You Should Know About The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Narendra Modi is one the most famous Indian prime minister till now. He is not only adored by the old age people of India but the young crowd follows his path too.

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Narendra Modi biography

Modi’s full name is Narendra Damodardas Modi, he was born in one of the towns in Gujrat name vadnagar on 17th September 1950. He was working as a tea maker and used to run a tea stall in Gujrat. Although, Modi was always keen on politics and always had an interest to serve in any way for his country. So, here are some Facts You Should Know About Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi served in Gujrat as a CM for almost 14 years.

When Keshu Bhai Patel the former chief minter of Gujrat was not well and poor public image issue. The party decides to appoint Modi as the next chief mister of Gujrat in 2001. After this, he joined the legislative assembly. From then he remains the CM of Gujarat till 2014.

Narendra Modi married at age of 17.

Narendra Modi married at age of 17 to a simple village girl, who was 1 year younger than him in1968. Her name is Jashodaben Modi, a retired school teacher. The couple was very young when they tied the note, and there is very less information available about their married life. Although, they are never seen together in any public places and there is speculation that there are not together anymore.

Narendra Modi was listed as one of the power people in Forbes magazine in 2014.

Forbes is an American business magazine that takes out a survey and ranks people, and colleges per year as per their influence in society and the world. in 2014 they added Modi to the list of most power full people of 2014. Since then Modi was rising in popularity and was making an impact worldwide.

Narendra Modi is one of the most followed Prime Minster on Twitter.

Modi is one of the most followed Indian Asians on Twitter with 85 Million Followers. You cannot deny the fact that Narendra Modi is famous worldwide. Even being the Indian prime minister the foreign public loves him too. After Indra Gandhi, he is the most loved and liked Indian political person and evermore famous than her.

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