Watch Tom Cruise attempt his “most risky stunt” in Mission Impossible 7 by jumping from a cliff with a motorcycle.

Watch Tom Cruise attempt his “most risky stunt” in Mission Impossible 7. By jumping from a cliff with a motorcycle, the clip will give you an oomph. In behind-the-scenes footage from Mission Impossible 7, Tom Cruise is getting ready for his “most risky stunt ever.” This involves jumping off a cliff while riding a motorcycle without a safety harness.

Watch Tom Cruise attempt his “most risky stunt” in Mission Impossible 7. Tom Cruise posted a lengthy clip showing some never-before-seen production footage from his biggest and riskiest stunt so far. In the upcoming seventh installment of the Mission Impossible series, the actor, who is known for completing some life-threatening action sequences in his movies, will show diving over a cliff with a motorcycle. The scenario was hinted at in the initial trailer for the movie. You can see him getting ready for his sequence in the BTS footage of the new video.

Watch Tom Cruise attempt his "most risky stunt" in Mission Impossible 7
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Tom’s voice can be heard saying, “This is by far the riskiest thing we have ever attempted”. This is shown in the first scene of the film, which shows a ramp at the edge of a precipice. This will be a base jump into a motorbike jump off a cliff. Since I was a young child, I have desired to accomplish this. Prior to the arrival of the director on screen, a montage depicts all of Tom’s preparation for this life-threatening stunt. To make this happen, he explains, “Tom put together this master plan to coordinate all of these experts in each of the specific fields involved.”

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The trainers and specialists go on to explain that Tom trained for the trick for a year in base jumping and canopy work. Shots depict the actor base jumping from an aircraft while the specialists follow close after. Tom is showing his practices on a motocross bike while the scene shifts to the ground. The cast adds that they constructed a motocross course for the actor to practice on and that he is adept at leaping over table tops that are 70 to 80 feet high with ease.

Release date and Budget of Mission Impossible 7

The Movie will have its debut in theaters on 14 July 2023. Currently, the sources are stating that it has a Budget of 29 crores USD.

Mission Impossible 7 Director

American director Christopher McQuarrie is directing this movie. Although, for the neo-noir mystery movie The Usual Suspects, he won the BAFTA Award, Independent Spirit Award, and Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. With the crime thriller The Way of the Gun, he made his directorial debut.

So are you a fan of the mission possible series or love Tom Cruise? As this movie has high hopes for both the makers and the audience end. So, do let us know your thoughts on this and which one is your favorite movie now in this series. Share your thoughts with us in the below comment section and let us know if you want us to post more on Tom’s upcoming projects.

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