The Flipkart triumph story and E-Commerce sample

In this post, to initiate with the notion of The Flipkart triumph story and E-Commerce sample. To be more precise, it is tough to think that a small company can completely transform the way they sell. E-commerce is still deemed a different part of the business.

As a result, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal noticed the developing vital of technology. As well As the importance of E-commerce. Furthermore, They started as both men purpose to make India’s most trusted online shopping platform has occurred into Flipkart. Which is affects the E-commerce platform giving a list of 80 million goods across 80 categories to quite 100 million buyers. Here we discuss the Flipkart triumph story and E-Commerce sample.

Sources of Flipkart

While they counter their idea for a connection shopping website, they started thinking about making a much better website. And give a better shopping platform to every customer. 

Furthermore, Without consuming any time, these two resigned from Amazon. They have joined together 4 lakh rupees and originated Flipkart in September of 2007. Firstly, they decided to sell books on their site because it was too easy to grain, craft, and gain merchants. And as connected to other sections such as electronics or fashion which strength cost them bundles of cash.

 Flipkart begin journey

They launched their website in 2007 October. And October last, they got their first order from a young client. As a result, their enthusiasm from their first order soon made them eager as their vendors told them that the book was not available. After crazily trying to find the book all crossed Bangalore, they both were managed to need hold of the book and successfully delivered their first order.

Moreover, with that order, Flipkart was precisely in business. There were barely any large E-commerce websites in India. And the founders were required to put their buyers first. Also wanted to use technology to provide them with a good shopping experience.

In addition, Flipkart got its first initial investment of $1 million from Accel Partners. And it was a famous investment firm in 2009. At the peak of 2009, the startup already had over 150-160 workers and three agencies beyond India.

Tussle with Amazon 

In 2013 Amazone, things were to improve with the entry of another E-Commerce giant. Aside from Amazon, Flipkart had to also compete with another Indian E-commerce startup Snapdeal. 

Competing with Amazon for the market in India, Flipkart did not have the leisure time that it had throughout the earliest days due to that income. Also, Flipkart is now a trendsetter in the fashion E-commerce place with over 60% of the market.

Besides that, Flipkart remains India’s starting online retailer with a market share of 31.8%, compared to 31.1% of Amazon in 2018. After joining the sales of Myntra and Jabong Flipkart total market share is increased to 38.4%.

Acquisition of Flipkart by Walmart

Flipkart founders proceeded to center what their consumers need. And which help them change Flipkart into India’s most strong startup. Nevertheless, Sachin and Binny’s long journey at Flipkart closed after Walmart took Flipkart for $16-17 billion. And the company’s value at over $20 billion. This corporate will grow amazingly and help Walmart organize a stronghold in India.


Nowadays, Flipkart has become a big company with heavy wealth and thousands of employees. Also, They kept on searching till they found the triumphant method. Nonetheless, the founders of Flipkart are still two enthusiastic engineers who are just examining new problems to solve, ignoring the fact that their journeys have taken them on complex ways after a decade of developing Flipkart. 

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