About The Badminton Queen of India

In this post, we talk About the Badminton Queen of India. Saina Nehwal, the badminton queen of India, has become a role model to young girls and women. As Well As in our country and also beyond the globe over the last few years. Nehwal’s rare success as an international badminton player is one of the most inspirational and soul legends of Indian sports.

Moreover, the legend Saina Nehwal is the best player in India. And one of the top ambitious people on the world’s badminton map. Also, it holds a powerful rank in the Badminton Globe Federation position. Her improbable victory has made the country’s people proud. And place India in the international badminton field. She proved that Indian players are willing to counterattack the base control of China on the game.

Why is Saina Nehwal famous?

Saina Nehwal is the first-ever badminton player in India to hold an Olympic medal. Firstly, The Haryana shuttler started using heads too early on in her career. From when she won the BWF World Junior Championships in 2008. Secondly, The Indian shuttler made history when she won the bronze medal at the London 2012 Games. 

Nehwal’s rare success as an international badminton player is one of the most inspiring and ideal stories in Indian sports. As per the girl from a middle-class family. And she slowly prepared and changed into a world-class best player. The journey was not easy for Saina and her family. Although, the girl ran to achieve great heights in the face of few and best chances.

In the last, We pray and hope that this “Super and ideal Girl of India” achieves grand heights for herself and the whole country.

What are the achievements of Saina Nehwal?

  • Firstly, her achievement is Badminton at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women’s singles
  • Secondly, her achievement is Badminton at the 2018 Asian Games – Women’s singles 
  • Thirdly, her achievement is Badminton at the 2018 Commonwealth Games – Women’s singles

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