5 Facial Massage Techniques and their Benefits

Who does not like a great relaxing facial after a busy week, and the face massage not only releases our stress but also adds glow to our face. You can get a facial massage from a practitioner or can do it by yourself. Facial massages are considered to be the greatest way to enhance your skin and get a flawless complexion. These massages will vitalize the pressure points on your face and neck. Adding them to your skincare routine gives you an even more relaxing experience. You can use any of your moisturizers, face serum or face oil to act as a lubricant in your massage. Let’s discuss 5 Facial Massage Techniques and their Benefits.

The way you work out to get a toned body, face massage is also a workout for your face. It will increase the blood flow and will help in decreasing puffiness and toxins. There are so many different types of massages in the world now, but here we chose the best for you, that you can do it on your own or can be done by professionals.

1. Vibration Technique

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Nowadays, our skin goes through a lot because of our daily routine and exposure to pollution, stress, and unmanageable lifestyle. This simple face massage technique will pamper your skin and helps in delaying the signs of aging.

Do gentle, trembling movements on your face with your hands or fingers. The Vibrations will excite soft tissues in the body and can help in vitalizing nerves, release muscular tension and reduce stress. With regular practice, it will improve blood circulation and which will lead to the increase of collagen production that helps in building the skin structure. 

Pro Tip: You can use any face oil too for this.

2. Cupping Technique

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Skin texture is also something we all deal with and tried so many things to get smooth skin. This massage will not only gives you soft and smooth skin but will also keep it moisturized and nourished. In this technique, special cups are placed on the skin to create pressure. This will helps in increasing the blood flow, reduce any pain and ease your muscles. It also helps in eliminating toxins, stops the skin from sagging, and will give you a smoother texture in just a few weeks.

3. Hot and cold stone

This technique includes putting heated or cold stones on different parts of the body to reduce any pain and stiffness in the muscles. This massage will flush out toxins and which will help with acne. With regular massaging of skin, the texture will improve which will eventually reduce the acne scars too. 

Pro Tip: Do not be forceful while massaging the face and avoid using any harsh exfoliants only apply gentle pressure. You can use the Jade roller as a cold stone for massage to decrease any puffiness and for lymphatic drainage.

4. Tapping Technique

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The tapping technique involves the movement of your fingers to tap in a recognized sequence on definite acupressure points to release any tension or emotion that you are holding. Including this face massage technique in your skincare routine will increase the efficiency of the products. When you apply a serum or moisturizer after little massage use this method to help the product to absorb restored into the skin.

Pro Tip: Use a circular tapping motion for better efficiency.

5. Knuckle Kneading Technique

Stress, pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle can make your skin look dull and lifeless. This face massage will helps in clearing your skin. Use any hydrating product it can be face oil or moisturizer. Apply some pressure to touch the tissues beneath the deeper layers of your skin. This will helps in loosening up the tight muscles, increase flexibility and decrease any pain. Gradually massaging the skin will help in eliminating the impurities from the face and help you to achieve glowing skin.

Pro Tip: Do not be forceful while massaging the face and avoid using any harsh exfoliants only apply gentle pressure. 

Always consult your doctor before making any sudden changes in your skincare routine. You can buy Jade roller or facial cupping kit from the below links



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