Benefits of tragacanth gum (Gond-Katira)

In this post, we talk about the Benefits of tragacanth gum (Gond-katira). The benefits of Tragacanth gum (Gond-katira )or Kateer in Kashmir are the essences of the spiny plant tragacanth. Which is a spiny and low-growing plant. That mostly seen in the East, Iraq, and Iran, and also in western Asia.

What is Gond Katira and used for?

Tragacanth gum (Gond-Katira) used as a blend as well as a thickening and garnishing way in a lot of food items like ice-creams, juices, cold milkshakes, salad dressings, etc.

Gond Katira good for blood pressure

As a cooling property, it helps in control high blood pressure and taking it to a normal level.

Also, katira is good for hair

Katira used as a conditioner. Because it gives shine and extra strength. And also used as a hair gel. Although, you can leave it in for 10-15minutes and then simply wash it. It is a great conditioner for excellent shine & softness. 

Gond katira good for illness?

In the summer season children who suffer from frequent nose, bleeding can also take gond katira to get relief from that. Also, it is useful for healing illness. If you suffer from many illnesses try taking gum tragacanth daily before going to bed.

Gond katira good for diabetes

They also help in low blood sugar levels. Firstly, Gond-katira is a water-soluble fiber that prevents and stops the intake of simple sugars from the stomach. Secondly, Chia seeds are tiny dark, nutty-flavored seeds that are rich in nutrients. Such as healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants. 

Gond katira good for heart patients

Gond katira sharbat helps to cool down body temperature in the summer season. This helps in stopping heart stroke. Keep your heart happy and healthy with Gond katira Sharbat. Also, It helps to heal illness Gond Katira has purge properties which are very helpful in healing illness.

Can we have Gond katira daily?

In hot summers, the cooling benefits of Tragacanth Gum or Gond Katira can reduce heatstroke and sunstroke in people. Who have to go outdoors in a warm climate. Although It consumed even twice daily as dipped in a chilled beverage like milkshake, juice, lemon water, and sharbat.

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