List of fruit names in rainy seasons

In this post, we talk about the List of fruit names in rainy seasons. Monsoons bring with them many infections and diseases like skin infections and malaria. Although, consuming these fruits will help you fight these infections and boost your immunity. To prevent your body apart from all the monsoon infections, here’s a list of fruits you must be eating.

List of fruit names in rainy seasons:-


Plums are an outstanding source of some dietary grains, copper, potassium, Vitamin C, and K. The reddish-blue color anthocyanins in plums may protect you from cancer. Also, Plums stimulate your immune system, digest iron, and medical illness. 


Jamun is a highflier of nutrients like vitamins, potassium, folate, and iron. All these nutrients are helpful in the monsoons. Moreover, Jamuns are best for kidneys and the liver. They help in overcoming blood sugar levels, treating diabetes and gas problems. Also, you can make a juice or eat it fresh to enjoy the best taste.


Litchi is full of antioxidants which help asthmatic people inhale better. And also help the body to lose weight speedily. Litchi helps the body to maintain diseases and build up the immune system. However, Fibers present in litchi help in terms of acidity and nausea. Vitamin C in Litchi helps through a common cold taken during the monsoon. Also, Litchi is excellent for skincare as it removes acne and blemishes from the skin. 


Rich in nutrients, pomegranates enhance immunity. Their antioxidants help prevent many illnesses and diseases, Such as high blood pressure, cancer, or heart disease. The presence of B-vitamins and folate helps the development of red blood cells and aid blood circulation. 


Especially, this fruit is rich in all the likely nutrients you can think of- Vitamins A, B1, B2, and C and minerals like phosphorus, iodine, calcium, and iron. These nutrients are essential for bone, skin, muscles, nerve, and brain growth. You can eat apples in any form- jams, jellies, juice, pulp, or fresh. Apples are vital for people of all age groups for mental and physical growth.

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