The easy Steps of Eye Massage daily

In this post, we embark on The easy Steps of Eye Massage daily. Although, do gentle massage motions with your index and middle fingers tap out a circle around your eyes. Also, Tapping makes blood flow to the eye area. And go outer along with your eyebrows. Then inside along the top of your cheekbones near the joint of your nose. Circle your eyes 3-4 times. 

The easy Steps of Eye Massage daily:-

Follow this given below list for eye massage daily for keeping healthy eyes.

Massage Eye Socket Bones

Keeping your eyes closed, and use your middle finger to massage the eye socket bones and below to the join of the nose. Although, Repeat this motion 8-10 times. Also, it can help to boost the blood flow in your face, giving more oxygen and nutrients to the red blood cells nearby your eyes. 

Press on Pressure Points at Your Temple

Press on the pressure points below the brow bone and below the inner eyebrows and three times. Then press at the topes and do the same. With more pressure are exciting different areas of facial muscles, Which are responsible for looking and blinking. 

Massage Your Temples

Use the middle fingers of both hands, and massage the empty area, which is in the topes on the side of your face doing up and down motion. Proceed to massage for 1 minute. Also, it can help to overcome any tension in your topes and gives a feeling of relaxation.

Relieve Pressure Between Your Eyes

Using your thumbs, gently press on the right over the inner corner of the eyes. Where the fold of your lid starts, And push slowly and free. Repeat this practice five times. Also, it’s helping to reduce pressure in between your eyes.

In the end, It is good to use simple methods in your daily routine of this eye exercise to keep your eyes healthy by massaging them. Also, you can use an eye massager for these massage steps.

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