5 lessons to learn from Lord Krishna

Our history has a lot to offer and with the help of these 5 lessons by Lord Shri Krishna, you will be able to get through life hurdles.

1. Live life to the fullest

Lord Krishna says, if you have a lot of problems and issues going on in your life, always remember, everything is going to change.

Never let yourself down in hard times, because whoever has come into this world, has come to leave again.
So why are you holding on to things and worrying?

Image by VISHAL KUMAR from Pixabay

2. Sometimes it’s better to be Ranchhod

Ranchhod is the person who ran away from the battlefield. Lord Krishna says, sometimes it’s better to be Ranchhod in situations, and it’s sometimes better in life too. If getting away increases the possibilities then go away from it. Go away from all those people who insult you all the time, criticize you and try to stop you and puts you down.

If you continue to stay with all such people who don’t understand your worth, you will lose your self-respect, and your confidence and your personality will get affected.

3. Confusing Patience with weakness

Never confuse someone’s patience with their weakness, because if this silence starts to break itself, it can break all the boundaries of destruction.

So, always understand this silence and respect it.

4. Learn to fight with thorns that come your way

If you want to reach the river of happiness then you will have to struggle with the thorns on the corners.
If you want to have happiness in your life, its journey starts with struggle only.

So, welcome this struggle because behind this is the happiness to want to achieve.

5. Think before you trust

Whenever you are planting your trust plant in life, try to understand whether the person you are about to trust is really worthy of your trust or not.  

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