France vs England: FIFA World Cup 2022

France vs England: FIFA World Cup 2022, On Saturday at the Al Bayt Stadium, the FIFA World Cup quarterfinal between France and England will be played.

France vs England: FIFA World Cup 2022 Football outcome will be determined by crucial confrontations between both clubs’ formidable squads. Below are The games between the teams that could decide the outcome.

All Eyes on Kyle Walker vs. Kylian Mbappe

In the days leading up to the game, this has been the most obvious match-up. Mbappe is the leading scorer in the World Cup with 5 goals and is among the fastest attackers. Walker is one of England’s best options at right back to stop Mbappe despite his recent injury because of his own recovery rate.

Basically, To make use of Mbappe’s speed, France will be eager to send him on the run behind England’s defensive line.

However, Mbappe faced Walker 3 times during UEFA Champions League, with the Frenchman recording goal and an assist each time.

During the victory over Poland, Mbappe had a speed of around 35.3kmph while scoring twice. Basically Walker, who recorded 34.4kmph in England’s 3-0 Round of 16 victories against Senegal, is the team’s quickest player.

Hence, It’s uncertain whether England manager Gareth Southgate adjusts to a three-man defense and inserts Kieran Trippier to add protection against Mbappe.

France vs England (Quarterfinal): Time, Date & location

On December 11 at 12:30 AM (Indian time), France will take on England at the Al Bayt Stadium

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