What is Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a wide-ranging part of Robo computers, which do duties given by humans. Also, artificial intelligence allows learning, self-preparation & thought. It’s also a part of the study course to makes computers “Smart & Fast”. Artificial intelligence (AI) examples are:- Robotics condition mapping. Also adds Smart assistants, virtual trip booking agents, social media handling. And also active healthcare control, and so on.

When Artificial intelligence (AI) Begin?

Although, It started in the mid of 1950s by John McCarthy. He was the best computer specialist. Moreover, the beginnings of smart AI can follow correct sages tries to read human thought as a sign system. But the reach of AI not formally founded in 1956, at an interview at Dartmouth College.

How is AI helping in our life?

Practical digital assistants have changed the style of our daily duties. Moreover, Alexa and Siri become such real humans we communicate with each day. For our every small and big need. Also, the natural language skills and the strength to learn themselves. Without human interference is the reasons they are growing so fast. And also becoming such as humans in their communication only more intelligent and active.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence :-

  • Firstly, AI works 24×7 without any disturbance.
  • Secondly, Artificial firms grow the skills of differently able self.
  • Thirdly, AI is always ready for users.
  • It allows digital help to communicate with users that saves the need for human support.
  • Also, it allows Daily use applications.
  • Mainly, it gives Error reduction.

Drawbacks of Artificial intelligence:-

  • There’s Implementations value is very high.
  • And it does not allow real Creativity.
  • Mainly, it helps to Unemployment or Reduces the number of jobs for humans.
  • It helps to give Moral Problems.
  • It doesn’t allow any change without any experience.

Types of Artificial intelligence:-

  1. Firstly, it gives Limited Memory.
  2. Secondly, it is very Strong & general.
  3. Thirdly, it is well Self-aware.
  4. It is Narrow or weak.
  5. Also, it gives the theory of mind as well as artificial superintelligence.
  6. Importantly, it’s very Reactive machines.

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