What is TeamViewer and its advantages & Disadvantages?

Here we discuss What is TeamViewer and its advantages & Disadvantages? TeamViewer is software that uses computers and networks remotely. TeamViewer is a very fast and safe technology. After downloading this app you have to install this app. When the team viewer installation process completed you will take to the main interface of team viewer which divided into 2 tabs:

one is remote control and another is meeting with colleagues and friends.

What are the key Features of Team viewer:-

TeamViewer helps Remote access and support users.
Basically, 3 steps used:- 1. Connect, 2. Monitor, Operator.
Firstly, It is service desk ticketing.
Secondly, It also provides secure videoconferencing.

How to set up Team Viewer remote control feature?

Firstly, the user has to be start team viewer and go on the remote control functions of the main interface. Here, you will find your team viewer ID and your temporary password. After that, you can allow a partner remote control of your device.

Is It Safe to Use TeamViewer? What Are its Choices?

Teamviewer is a quick and secure remote control tool. It allows operated IT help providers to monitor, remote systems, client last points, and networks. It controls devices such as Windows, OS, and Linux for quick connecting of issues. Also, It helps team members is an automatic and easy-to-use interface with powerful remote access features.

Besides having lots of useful functions such as the description of ignored access, wake-on-LAN, and ticket assignment. Also, a few conditions in terms of safety, image quality, and price. On the other hand, there are many choices available in the market. Also, it becomes features and better connection skills. Before seeming at Team-viewer choices. Team-viewer is still a favorite for some companies. discussion about What is TeamViewer and its advantages & Disadvantages?

Advantages of Teamviewer:-

  • Firstly, Teamviewer easily installed and updated.
  • Secondly, Team-viewer allows to teams share sensitive data over many locations.
  • Thirdly, It provides easier conversation for remote teams by video call, chat, and voice calling features.
  • It uses on Android, Linux, BlackBerry Windows, and macOS machines.
  • For non-commercial objectives, Team-viewer is free of cost.
  • Also, It helps give easy access to remote machines.
  • It helps identify and highlight points to other team members.
  • And, It helps team members manage online training sessions for up to 25 members together.
  • It not required router forms.
  • It allows easy access to important data and applications anytime, anywhere using TeamViewer.
  • Team-viewer helps remote printing, chatting, and wake-on-LAN without any particular configurations.
  • Although, with TeamViewer, users can share their screens, application window, and whole desktop.
  • It allows easy file transfer from online storage services such as OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive.
  • It gives a drag and drops feature to share files from one system to another system.

Disadvantages of Teamviewer:-

  • Teamviewer is not free for business uses and it needs a license.
  • It doesn’t allow share large-size files.
  • Importantly, It doesn’t work over proxy servers.
  • It wants a fast constant internet connection to work.
  • Every system has the same version Teamviewer installed on it, or otherwise, it doesn’t work.
  • Devices only connected when they are active and available.

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How to download and setup TeamViewer ?

Simply go to the team viewer official website and download the same link given below. If you guys want to download this team viewer app in windows. Click on the below-given link:-


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