What is Udemy? And its benefits

Here we learn about Udemy and its benefits. Udem is a source of online learning. It is a combined word of “you” & “Academy”. It is also a similar word to the Spanish language. Udemy is M.O.O.C which stands for massively open online courses from where anyone is able to create and learn such courses in the style of traditional post-secondary education. In this app we have to choose a course and pay the course fee, the price depends on the tutor after that you will be able to start classes. Udemy is a legal company.

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How does Udemy work?
As per Udemy every course is very created, owned, and managed by tutors. In each Udemy course, tutors provide slides, videos, and text for easy learning. In addition, the tutor also provides so many resources and ways of learning and practicing activities. Udemy and its benefits

Udemy is good for beginners

You don’t need to be a professional to use Udemy. Udemy also provides courses and knowledge videos programming tutorials which are much better than you will find on youtube. Who are the founders of Udemy?
Udemy’s founders are Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar in May 2010. This year Form February 2021, the platform increased with more than “40 million students”, “155,000 courses”, and “70,000 tutors” in over “65 languages”.

For free working courses from Udemy, You have to follow these 3 easy steps:

1. First, Go to Udemy.com from where you can start to search given courses, topics, or categories.
2. Secondly, Click on the filters to find free Udemy courses.
3. Thirdly, Choose the free Udemy courses of your choice and start learning.

Some of the Good Things about Udemy

  1. It provides almost all types of courses.
  2. Udemy is affordable for everyone.
  3. It can use a mobile app and you can download the course and you will
  4. watch it when you need it without an internet connection.
  5. Once you bought any courses that will be with you for a lifetime.
  6. The course’s concept is very reliable which makes you understand very well.
  7. You can buy and gift the course to anyone.
  8. Most of the time it provides very discounted courses like 80-90% on discount.
  9. Udemy also arranges some free courses if you want free course study.

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