Why Udemy is different from other online learning apps?

Here we talk about Why Udemy is different from other online learning apps? Udemy is a source of online learning. It is a combined word of ‘you’ & ‘Academy’. It is also a similar word to the Spanish language. In this app we have to choose a course and pay the course fee, the price depends on the tutor after that you will be able to start classes. Udemy is a legal company.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is a platform that gives ranging programs from basic subjects to HTML code writing. Also, it holds something for everyone. Udemy was founded in 2007 and it grows to be one of the biggest learning platforms. As it is nearby and now extends more than 130,000 subjects. And also helped more than 30 million students since 2019. Udemy is a global learning app with many courses. Although possible in over 60 languages and with students from across 190 nations. Admission is available beyond the globe on any kind of device.

Why Udemy is different from other online learning apps?

Why Udemy is different from other online learning apps. Is that it encourages teachers as much as it supports its students. Also, teachers make complete programs and give them online. This provides people to share their experiences and talents with others without ever meeting. 

What is the goal of Udemy?

Udemy is a platform that allows teachers to make online courses on their favored topics. Using Udemy’s course addition tools. Also, they can upload videos, PowerPoint presentations documents, PDFs, audio, and ZIP files to live classes to make courses.

Who Is Udemy for?

If you seeing to develop your skills in a specific field such as web design, photography, and others Udemy provides it. The teachers grew courses that help develop actual skills. As well As studying beginner students. Still, if you looking for a more regular study or an individual certified by an approved Institution. Then you may need to take some other online learning platforms.

In addition, For businesses, Udemy is perfect. It gives quality coaching on special skills for a team without the high rate tag. Udemy is also the best way for teachers to develop their skills and gain some money according to their passion. These special tests are for course makers and any quality checking but the earning potential is large.

The Goods and Bads of Udemy

As for everything, there are always plus points and denials. So we supposed we tell you some goods and bad of Udemy and also what it to offer.


  • Firstly, A huge range of courses from yoga to administration skills.
  • Secondly, Unique courses made by professionals.
  • Thirdly, It gives great interest codes possible.
  • Experience to learn about the go.
  • And it gives a lifetime way to your courses.
  • Also, Great for business coaching solutions.
  • Ability to contract with the instructors.
  • Excellent for people to share their experiences and information.


  • Firstly, Not approved by regular Institutions.
  • Secondly, Courses can’t complete by university honors.

What Are the Courses Like on Udemy in 2022?

There is such a large category of courses open on Udemy. Which takes forever to list them. But, the most popular are:

  • Useful Administration Skills
  • Entire 2021 Web Development Bootcamp
  • Photography Masterclass
  • The Professional Guitar Masterclass
  • NLP Practitioner Qualification

Each course allows by professionals and some of them provided approved or certification for your course. All of the courses appear in a lifetime way.

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