Children must be rewarded or Punished for their Behavior

In this post, we discuss Children must be rewarded or punished for their behavior. Some people believe that children must rewarded for good behavior. Others think they punish for bad behavior. Discuss both viewpoints and give your own opinion and reasons.


It is usually deem by many people that young children ought to reward for their good deeds, whereas others argue that punishment should given for the faults of a child. Although

discipline might act as an obstacle towards bad nature, I believe that the most effective way to achieve a good attitude could be to reward teenagers. This essay would discuss the above reasons in detail. 

Others Opinion:-

Some people think in punishing infants to stop the bad practice. The main reason for this may be that with corporal punishment, a young infant may not only deter from behaving badly but also might stop from continually breaking the rules forced on them. For instance, when the trial is inflicting on a juvenile who shows disrespect towards elders. Such actions might create awareness in them regarding what is right and wrong from a tender age. Had this not been done at an initial age, serious repercussions may arise in the future which could hamper their future at large. However, does punishment realistically holds the capacity to turn each child into a better individual ahead? 

Agreed by me:-

Nevertheless, others believe that rewarding infant for their good actions certainly proves beneficial in the long run. And I agree with this as well. When children punished, there is every possibility that they might loathe the authority and become rebellious, thus

leading to a cycle of abuse. By contrast, when they appreciated their outstanding behaviors, they tend to motivate and start valuing instructions. And all this could positively uplift their self-esteem. From a tender age, for instance, a child seen sharing toys and helping their friends. Now, if this encourages rewards, children are more likely to become content and repeat the same actions in the future. Thus, rather than punishing, rewarding children

leads to reinforcing sustainable behavior, thereby protecting their self-respect. 


In conclusion, according to some people punishments should give to deter children from portraying bad behavior. Nonetheless, I believe that rewarding children could promote positive behavior in the long run without affecting their most crucial self-esteem.

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