How to Draw Pop-Tart Nyan Cat?

In this post, we talk about How to Draw Pop-Tart Nyan Cat? Wherever you look on the Internet-web if you aren’t banging into a pop cat, you might come over a variant of Nyan Cat. For those who avoided YouTube and social networks for the previous years. Nyan Cat is an animated cat that flies by space. And it wears a Pop-Tart and makes a rainbow trail. Both the cartoon with a repeated high-pitched tune. Including just the word “Nyan” Yes, very odd. Also very cute and very impressive. And it is so popular. Also, it one of YouTube’s most-watched videos in 2011.

What type of pop tart is Nyan Cat?

Nyan Cat also knew as Poptart Cat. It is a Russian Blue cat that has a cherry pop tart for a body. And is traveling through space waving a rainbow in behind and singing “Nyan Nyan Nyan!” joyfully.

Although Want to draw that cute pop tart cat that grows happiness in all the universe? Now you can do it own. Nyan is such a cute cat that can make your day. Follow the below-given instructions step by step.

These are the steps How to Draw Pop-Tart Nyan Cat? :-

  • Firstly, Draw a rectangle with round lines.
  • Secondly, Draw the same shape inside the first circle shape, but make sure that a little smaller.
  • Thirdly, Erase the middle section of the front part of the round shape. And Draw a cat head.
  • After drawing a tail at the second end.
  • And make two forefeet at the bottom right.
  • Also, Draw two paws at the bottom left.
  • Make a rainbow blowing out in the tail area.
  • Don’t forgets to Draw sprinkles in the pop tart.
  • Add more parts to your image. Such as could include the music sign, stars, birds, and the rest of the space.
  • In the last fill all Colors. And your Nyan pop tart body cat will ready. 

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