Step-by-step to do facial massage at home

In this post, we talk about Step-by-step to do facial massage at home. Also, You can give selfly a facial massage in your home. Before start, a facial massage, clean your face and hands properly. Although, you can use a jade roller and face rollers for the face massage. Use some face serum, oil, or cleansing lotion. With the help of these, your fingers slide and roll over on your skin smoothly.

Step-by-step to do facial massage at home:-

There are several techniques you can use. Below given Step-by-step to do facial massage at home use to create your routine:-

Eyebrows massage steps:-

  • Firstly, Use a round motion to rub your fingers into your face massage.
  • Secondly, Use your palms and fingertips to massage the bottom of your face. And start at your chin and rolling up toward your forehead. Then slip your hands back down.
  • Thirdly, Press and slide your ring fingers into your eyebrow bone. And Move from the inside to the outside corner. Then repeat the same move below your eyes.
  • Fourth, Using your thumb and first finger, start at the outside corners of your eyebrows. And Lightly hold your eyebrows as you move to the inside corner.
  • Squeeze your fingers into the middle of your brows. And Slide them up near your hairline. Then move your fingers to your topes.
  • Press down tightly on the place between your eyebrows for a few seconds. And then continue squeezing as you make clockwise and counterclockwise moves.

Face & chin massage steps:-

  • And Use your index and middle fingers to press under your cheekbones. Also, Start at the center of your face and move to your topes.
  • For a strong effect, use your fingertips to massage your face. And Start at your nose and move them over your cheeks to your ears.
  • Use your thumb and first two fingers to grasp the center of your chin. And Pinch the skin as you move near your ears.
  • And Roll into your jaw as you move your fingers from the outline of your jaw to your chin.
  • Use a round motion to massage the space under your earlobes.
  • Use the out edge of your pinky fingers to squeeze into your neck. And start at the top and moving down.
  • Also, Use your ring finger too tight to roll the inside brow. And slide to your outer brow.
  • Apply acupressure to facial stress points or sinus pressure points.

Follow these all above given eyebrows and face & chin face massage steps during your facial massage.

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