Facebook experiments on ‘Neighborhoods’ feature

Here we talk about Facebook experiments on the ‘Neighborhoods’ feature. The social network will soon provide available users in select areas to connect with neighbors, get markets close. Also, get and receive help when it needs. Apps that connect people who lived in the same area. And many apps gave the capacity to join with neighbors using an app or by a web service. Such as Kahuti, Nextdoor, and Zingr.

Additionally, Facebook taking a step with new Neighbors according to the new statement. In October last year, we reported the social networking company started working on a new feature to join neighbors. It also tests in Calgary, Canada. While the company launched the feature today. It will be accessible only in Canada and four US cities. Facebook experiments on the ‘Neighborhoods’ feature.

Facebook launch the new feature

When the Facebook company will launch the Neighborhoods feature in India. However, users who are likely to reach the service will be said by the app. Which will use their location to connect when a person is near.

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