Amazon brings a palm-scanning payment system

Amazon brings a palm-scanning payment system. To an Entire Foods store in Seattle. Also, the organization declared Wednesday. The front of many planned rollouts at other locating.


1) Firstly, Amazon brings a palm-scanning payment system. To an Entire Foods store in Seattle. Also, the organization declared Wednesday. A rollout planned for other locating.

2) Secondly, Previous technology was possible. For Only at a dozen of Amazon’s corporal stores.

3) Thirdly, Amazon told it confirmed up. Thousands of users of the system.

Palms over a scanning device

Amazone one, which debuted in September. And currently in use at about a dozen Amazon physical stores. Allows customers to pay for things. By putting their palms over a scanning device. The first time customers use the newsstand. Also, they have to insert a credit card. To connect it with their palm picture. But after that, buyers can pay easily by holding their hand over the newsstand.

Amazon One company’s technology

Amazon One is separated from the company’s. Just Step Out the technology. Also, which allows buyers to select items. And step out of the store without going into a checkout route. However, a couple of technologies can work together. And Amazon operates them both at its cashless Amazon Go shops.

Amazon will originally wave out Amazon One at Whole Foods. In Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. And not far away from the company’s headquarters, before starting. Also, the system at seven Seattle-area Whole Foods is becoming months.

As per the palm-scanning technology will be granted. As just one of many payment options. At participating Whole Foods stores. Also, Amazon said, and won’t influence store worker’s job responsibilities.

Amazon obtained the grocery chain. In 2017 for more than $13 billion.

Amazon said it wishes to auction. The palm-scanning technology to other companies. Such as retailers, strands, and service buildings. Last September, Amazon said it was in ‘intense discussions with various possible consumers.’

Confirmed arrangements by Amazon 

It’s unclear whether Amazon has confirmed any arrangements. Also, with third parties involved in handling the system. Also, the organization says thousands of people have approved up. And to use it at Amazon storehouses.

As Amazon has tried to grow and confirm palm-scanning technology. As a form of payment, privacy and protection authorities. It has also raised concerns. Also, it about the risks of buyers handing over biometric data to firms.

Amazon maintained that it sketched the system to be highly secure. And that it reflects palm-scanning technology to be more special. Then another biometric option like facial recognition.

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