Truecaller active in Covid Hospital list for Indian users

Truecaller active in Covid Hospital list for its Indian users. The list of the application and you can access it from either the list or the dialer. The list adds phone numbers and a number of addresses’ Covid-designated hospitals’.


  • Truecaller active in Covid Hospital list for its Indian users.
  • As of now, It’s only available on Android smartphones.
  • The list includes phone numbers and a variety of addresses from the government database.

These multiple hospitals are states in the country. And sources from official government databases. Although there is a search button that will help you fast get the necessary information. Also, It is important to see about the hospital bed availability.

Truecaller’s Managing Director of India, ‘Rishit Jhunjhunwala’ said “We wanted to quickly introduce an easy list of important numbers for Covid-related services. And we started with this hospital list and we working to added soon verified sources,”. He said the help of the whole company and the Truecaller platform, for anyone that we can help.

Additionally, Truecaller says that it sources the message for the new feature from official government databases. The list is made for the app and users can reach it easily from either the list or the dialer

According to the company, the search button will help all Truecaller users to get Covid-19 like hospital information. However, it clears hospital bed availability by the feature. Truecaller started the ‘Covid Hospital list’ for its Indian users.

Similarly, the company also promises to update the data every day to make sure. As many hospital phone numbers in India. Also, Users who want to see the features will update the app from Google Play Store on Android devices. As of now, the feature is limited to Android smartphones.

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