Telegram launched web apps ‘WebK and WebZ’

Here you all need to know about Telegram launched the newest two web apps for browsers WebK and WebZ. And also, how you can use them. Immediate messaging app Telegram launched two new web apps called Telegram WebK and WebZ. The web apps take Telegram’s smartphone functionality to the desktop users in a more bright interface. And loaded with features like chat folders, a dark mode, and animated stickers. The two web apps were first recognized by DroidMaze.

Although both the Web apps offer equal functionality, Telegram says the two apps are contemporary to maintain inner competition. Apart from desktops, web applications can work on any device. Also, with a browser, including mobile phones and tablets as well.

How to use Telegram WebK & WebZ?

We can use either of the two web applications by visiting Telegram’s website. As well As, looking for the Web Application division on the ‘Applications’ page. Here, we go on either Telegram WebK or WebZ, and account holders redirected to the website.

Some Telegram privacy features:-

Secret Chats:-

Telegram’s failure chats are reversed up by the platform-protected cloud. As well As, this allows you to use a similar account on various devices, including your laptop, smartphones.

Lock Chats:-

Telegram provides you to lock your chats. This lock can be avoided with a quick PIN entry. And even though your phone’s fingerprint sensor. The feature is ideal for your phone’s property user interface does not offer Application Locking.

Self-destructing Media

Self-destructing messages is not new to Telegram, but the feature was now available only by the app’s Secret Chats. Now, after a new update, Telegram lets you send self-destructing messages in daily chats as well.

Remove Sender’s Messages

Telegram allows users to remove not just their messages. Also, those sent by others in private person-to-person chats. While this feature is a tiny cloudy and can be counter-productive. Also, It is a blessing for those requiring full secrecy in their chats.

Info about Shipping and Clear payment 

Telegram accounts run by companies allow you to pay through the app itself. However, these residuals can settle in place long after your transaction is done. And also, the product is received.

Delete own account timer

Telegram allows us to delete your account if we do not use it actively for a long period. Also, Users have a choice to set the start time before their account gets forever deleted. To set this up, travel to Settings, Storage, and Privacy, Delete my account. We can decide between 1 month to 1 year.

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