Twitter starts a “money jar” for good tweeting

As per the social app, Twitter starts a “money jar” for good tweeting. Twitter launched a new “money jar” feature for lets users send money to others on social applications. The company says the feature is an easy way to grow the brilliant voices that make the communication. To start with, only a select group of people receive money. Twitter told made up of “creators”, writers, specialists, and non-profits.

Personal details not hidden:-

Besides the feature also examined for showing personal information. Such as email addresses and personal details.

The money jar function joins a small image to a user’s profile. On mobile devices very soon with a drop-down list for other payment providers. Such as PayPal, Venmo, or the Cash App, the last two apps that are popular in the United States. Because the payment done by those outside systems. A few Twitter users saw that giving money to a PayPal account. Then why not send it to the winner’s postal address.

In additional cases, Later Twitter security expert, Rachel Tobac highlights the problem. Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour praised her for the good prize. But also said Twitter will not control how PayPal manages information.

Twitter starts a “money jar” for good tweeting

Preferably, Twitter said it’s updating the information about the money jar. Also, PayPal said the problem started because the Twitter money jar using the “goods and services” payment option. Also, it gives details for sending the goods. The money jar use also supports Bandcamp. Also, it broadly used by performers. And it used by all kinds of self-digital creators such as YouTubers and podcasters.

Twitter tells the feature motivated people who gave payment links or paid ads in replies to viral tweets. We view you – giving your PayPal link after your Tweet will viral, joining Cashtag to your profile. So Twitter’s senior product manager Esther Crawford people promote your work, shooting your Venmo title. 

Social network experiment:-

The money jar is the newest string of experiments from the social network, which see user’s growth in recent years.

Presently this month, it gets Scroll, a support service that removes notices from joining news websites. And also stated a part of Twitter’s future support service.

As part of that agreement, Twitter also paying as a way of helping media. As a Twitter supporter, picture getting way to reward features wherever you can easily read articles. The said from your chosen news with a part of your support going to the publishers. As well As writers imagining the content.

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