Social Media Applications and most popular usage statics

As for social media management applications and their most popular usage statics, you probably already use all the most popular social networks(Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter). And also media sharing apps (Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram) along with maybe a handful of others like Pinterest and google plus. 

But there are many more social sites than the top social media applications networks. Look beyond those social media juggernauts. And you’ll see that for all kinds of reasons people use many different types of social media applications and their most popular usage statics to connect online.

Also, the current social list has updated. It included new forms of ‘media and social networking ‘ top of existing categories, each with its own unique set of characteristics. And also based on what people hope to accomplish by using them. 

Here’s our list of types of social media networks. And knowing about these categories of social media & understanding why people use them. So let started.

Social Networking Apps

Social networking apps are sometimes called ‘ relationship networks ‘ help people and organizations connect online for sharing information and ideas. 

Now, and especially since the rise of the mobile internet. Moreover, these networks have become cores that mold almost every phase of modern life. It helps from reading online news to finding new jobs to sharing vacation & occasional pictures and videos into a social experience.

If you are not using these core networks yet as a part of your social media marketing plan – or if you are looking for ideas to improve your existing strategy – you’ll find a wealth of usable information in our guides to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Google, Instagram and so on.

How it can benefit your business:- 

Let’s count the ways for business benefits. Lead generation, relationships, market research, customer service.

Examples:- Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram.

Social Media Sharing Platforms

Social media sharing Platforms give people and brands a place to find and share media online. It includes pictures, videos, and live videos.

The lines between media sharing and social networks. And also, dimming these days a social connection networks like Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. So that, they add live video services provided and more services to their platforms. However, what characterizes media sharing platforms is that the sharing of media is their defining and initial proposal.

How it can benefit your business:-  

The major similarity channels, these sites are precious for brand knowledge, best generation, and our other social business aims.

Examples:- Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Youtube, Pinterest.

Discussion Forums Searches

Discussion forums are one of the most traditional types of social applications. Before we connect to our first companion or relative on Facebook and Instagram. And we talked about current affairs, pop culture, and asked for help on juries. Take a look at the broad read and bulky numbers of users on sites. Such as Quora, Digg, Reddit, and yahoo.

How it can benefit your business:-  

These networks can be wonderful sources for market research. We can also advertise on them through we’ll need to be careful to keep our advertisements and posts separate.


Reddit, Quora, Digg, Yahoo.

Consumer Online Orders & Review Networks 

The consumer online orders & review networks give people a stage to review products, travel spots, brands, services, and just about everything. 

Customers review is the type of content that adds a huge of value to many online services websites. As well as, it thinks about the buying experience on Flipkart, Amazone. On the other hand, the experience of searching for a local business on Google Maps. 

How it can benefit your business:-  

Positive and good reviews bring social proof to your claims. Handled well, you can resolve issues with an unhappy customer.


Zomato, Swiggy, Yelp, Trip Advisor.

Online Shopping Networks

Online shopping networks make e-commerce filling by combining social elements. 

Of course, elements of e-commerce resemble many other types of social networks. Social shopping sites take on step further by developing their site nearby a focused alliance between the social & shopping experience.

How it can benefit your business:-  

Brands can build knowledge sell products and increase compact, via new tunnels.


Myntra, Amazone, Polyvore, Fancy.


In short, social media websites have become an important platform for enterprises. Together with this, social media can be a strong tool for any industry.

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